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November 16, 2018

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Men's Game Score


WON!! 83 to 76
vs Syracuse University

WON!! 94 to 66
vs University of Missouri - Kansas City

WON!! 80 to 70
vs Morehead State University


WON!! 96 to 64
against Southern CT State University

Women's Game Score

WON!! 85 to 53
against Ohio State

WON!! 96 to 30
against Vanguard


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Rudy Gay
San Antonio Spurs

Kia Nurse
New York Liberty

Jeremy Lamb
Charlotte Hornets

Azurá Stevens
Dallas Wings

Emeka Okafor
New Orleans Pelicans

Gabby Williams
Chicago Sky
This site is dedicated to the UConn Basketball Legends that have played
at UConn through the years. For those of you who have been wondering what has become of them, this is the place to find out.

They will tell us when they started playing basketball and how basketball became a part of their lives growing up. We find out how they decided to come to UConn and what it was like playing UConn basketball. We’ll find out what life was like after UConn, what career paths they took and what they are doing now. They have also provided us with some up-to-date pictures.

The players give us their thoughts on the current UConn basketball team and how far they think the team will go in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Tournament this year.